6/15/2022 HIIT Workout

Today’s Workout

1. Reverse Plank Toe Tap

Sit on the floor with legs straight. Place your hands on the round and lift yourself up so that your hands are directly under your shoulders and you’re gazing at the ceiling. Quickly step your right foot in towards your hips. Extend back to normal and repeat with your left foot. Repeat vigorously.

2. Wall Sit

Stand with your back to a sturdy wall. Rest your back onto the wall and inch yourself down until you are in a sitting position. Your knees should be in a 90 degree angle and your thighs parallel to the ground. Rest your hands on top of your head, keep your back straight, and engage your core muscles.

3. Side to Side Push Up


4. Bear Crawl

Get down on all fours, with your hips slightly up in the air. Gaze ahead and move on your hands and feet forward. Mark out where you’d like to travel to. Once you’re there, reverse your direction, moving backwards on your hands and feet. Repeat.

5. Reverse Fly

Lay resistance band on the floor. Stand on top of the band, with your feet together and directly in the center of the band. Bend knees slightly as if you’re sitting in a chair, your hips back. Grasp either end of the band with your hands. Gaze just before your feet. Keep a straight back, tight core, exhale, and pull the bands back behind your back. Once you cannot pull any further, hold that position for a moment before your inhale and return to the starting position.

6. Arm Circles

Stand straight with feet hip-width apart, gazing forward comfortably. Raise your arms to form your body into a T-shape; arms and hands in line with your shoulders. Make small circles with your hands, pivoting on your shoulders. Slowly increase the size of the circles to allow more movement in your shoulders. After some time, reverse the direction of the circles. Again, starting small and then bigger.

7. Ab Roll Out

Kneel down on the floor with an ab roller device in both hands. Place the roller’s wheels on the floor before you. Exhale as you push the wheel forward, keeping your back straight and head in a neutral position, tightly engaging your core the whole time. When you reach the furthest you can go, inhale as you roll back to the starting position. Your back is always straight and your core is always tight. Repeat.

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