9/8/2020 HIIT Workout

Today’s Workout

1. Groiners

2. Box Jump

3. Chest Press with Band and Bar

Place resistance band on the floor. Lay on the floor so that your upper back is on top of the band. With a sturdy pole or bar, place one loop of the resistance band around an end of the bar and then place the other end of the loop around the other end of the bar. In a controlled manner, breathe out as you press the bar up. Breathe in as you slowly let the bar down again.

4. Long Jump

5. Pull Up

Grasp pull up bar, hands shoulder-width apart, with your palms facing away from you. Breathe out as you pull yourself up, stopping as your nose reaches just above the bar. Hold in this position for a moment. Breathe out as you let your body drop back down. Engage your core throughout the exercise to prevent swinging.

6. Groiners

7. Reverse Crunch

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